Photo Blog Start Up Rant

So here I am writing about my start up process. I will be honest many of my successful and talented friends have blogs, but I myself have never even considered making one or had the drive to sit at my computer and type about stuff. My sparks of creative thought come in all forms, but I best express myself through the art of photography. I choose a visual path, rather than a verbal one. Although thinking about it now, they go side by side.

Today I purchased something special that just resonated with me and the incredible lessons I learn daily from my mentor Sue Bryce. She is all about taking daily action in your life, and taking steps toward what you want everyday by writing your positive affirmations and goals down. I absolutely love this, because I am a person who wants to give myself wholeheartly to everyone from clients, friends, family and just people I meet in passing (anywhere from David's Tea to The Dollar Store) from a place of Love, Respect and Gratitude. 

My gift to myself is what is called 'A Wish Jar.' A mason jar with a lid that says Wishes...May all your wishes and dreams come true. So the idea of this amazing jar is to write all the things you want to come to fruition. It comes with 100 wish tags, and a cute pen you leave in the jar to write your messages on. What a wonderful idea to write well wishes & special messages in this jar. I can keep it in my studio and even get my closest friends and loved ones to add to it. My Slovak grandmother was in my head when I saw it in the store saying dobrý dobrý Christichka, you must purchase this and make magic with it' I have a feeling my kids will fill it up with wishes of getting their future pug. Frankly I might too. ;)

So today I start my new journey of blog writing with my hipster WISH JAR, a photo journal and a promise to keep setting my photography intentions for my business every single day.

One of Sue's favourite quotes that I plan on framing on my wall in my studio. 

"What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass"   ~ Colin P. Sisson

Ta Ta for now!

Christichka xo (Lets stay Slovak, shall we?)